Sunday, May 5, 2013

{Paper} Saige Sunday~ Cinco De Mayo!

Hey guys! It's Saige here! Happy Cinco De Mayo!! I don't have any "proper" Mexican outfits, I'm hoping Mama will make one for me...

See this dress? It's awesome right? I asked my mom, but she said no, she was too busy, and when am I going to wear this dress again? I guess she's right, I do have a lot of dresses... *sigh* 

Remember how I said Mama was going to make a bedroom? Well, we're looking at bedrooms, and I like this one,

but she says NO WAY AM I MAKING THAT!!!!! She said it was way to grown up for me, and since I'm really clumsy, I'll probably ruin everything:( Well, she didn't say THAT, but the look she gave me said it...

She said I should should get something more like this, which is okay i guess.

Tell me which room you like best, by looking at the options, HERE!


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