Monday, May 6, 2013

Soda Pop Street Etsy Review!!

Guess what? Have you ever heard of Soda Pop Street? You should really check it out! I recently bought a cute outfit from her shop, and all I can say is... WOOOOOOW!!!! The clothes are beautifully made, and it looks sooo cute on Elizabeth, as it is an early birthday present:)

Still in the package...

Pretty white box with blue tissue paper!! And a note:)

Ohmygoodeness, the outfit!! (The shoes are from Sofia's)

It also came with a doll hanger!

Isn't it CUTE?!?!?!?

The tank top is like a knit, with 4 different animal prints on it!

The skirt is a cream, suede tiered skirt, and is SOOO soft!:)

And of course, who's a doll without high tops:)

I would REALLY recommend Soda Pop Street, but buy fast, her stuff is popular:)!


  1. Ahhhh! Thank you so much! It looks gorgeous on Elizabeth!

    Soda Pop Street

  2. Awesome! I bought something last weekend....I hope it arrives soon!


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