The Dolls

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The story is: the dolls are from all over the world, but have come together in a small boarding school in Pennsylvania. They all have unique backstories and sometimes are from different time periods, although their current characters are modern right now.

Have fun reading about them!

Elisabeth Dominique
Elisabeth was originally born in Russia but was was adopted by her two moms and raised in England. She spent her childhood in a private school in London and often visited Buckingham Palace. She acts very regal but once you get to know her, she can be very funny. If she knows you well enough, she likes you to call her Dominique. She speaks Russian along with English, and is currently learning about her biological family. She loves fashion designing and is very classy. Her role models are Emma Watson and Rowan Blanchard and aspires to be like them.

Dakota Rose
Dakota was born and raised in New Zealand. She also loves to travel and explore, and goes to South America quite frequently. She loves wildlife, photography, and journalism, and hopes to work for Time Magazine someday. She is very outgoing and loving, and loves to help others with their problems. She used to be on the volleyball team, but now she just plays for fun. She adores science and you can often find her doing some type of experiment in her dorm room. She is very passionate about films and television and she could talk about her favorites for days. She is very outspoken about her opinions and she can gather many people around her in that way.

Evelyn (Eve) Piper
Evelyn was born in America but moved to France when she was 7. She lives with her cousin in their countryside home and she loves it there. She has many adorable pets and they are her best friends. She is very sweet and and kind, but can have quite the attitude when provoked. She has been doing ballet for as long as she can remember, and well as playing the violin, mandolin, flute, and piano. She would like to be an influential musician, but doesn't feel confident enough in her abilities yet. Artemesia is usually the one to help her get motivated. She is often seen practicing pointe or writing music.

Caroline Reinette
Caroline is Evelyn's cousin and was born in raised in the countryside of France. Although it is beautiful there, she doesn't share the same love for it as Evelyn does. She wants to live in Paris or New York City and loves traveling to the big cities. She can be a bit snotty at first but that's just the facade she puts on. She loves modeling and painting, and wants to be an architect. She usually models for Elizabeth and she loves looking at old and beautiful buildings. She also loves singing and Disney princess movies. A lot of people don't know it, but she loves old writings and especially enjoys the Chronicles of Narnia and Oscar Wilde. She is also the one to go see musicals with Mona.

Nellie (Nell) Ophelia
Nellie was born and raised in a quaint town in Ireland. She is very clever and writes poems, and can have a fiery temper. She is sarcastic and witty and is the youngest, but one of the most mature. She is a big feminist and wants to be an influential speaker. She also loves the stars and astronomy, and speaks English, Gaelic and Latin. She is also an artist and enjoys sketching all the other girls. She loves fantasy novels and wishes she was good at writing whole books. She also loves Connor Franta, The Beatles, and Harry Potter. She desperately misses her big family but she sees them as often as she can.

Simona (Mona) Hermione
Mona is Russian-Italian and lives in Italy. Her family is Jewish and very religious, but she is very accepting to others. She wants to be an actress and loves dressing up. People consider her to be very influential and moving and has a lot of good quotes. She loves anything supernatural and historical. She loves learning about the past and especially loves putting on musicals about certain events. Her favorites are the Titanic and the French revolution. She also adores Tumblr, and she also has her own YouTube channel. She is very friendly and defensive and because of her heritage, she speaks English, Russian, and Italian, and is learning French from Evelyn. One of her favorite holidays is Halloween and one of her fashion inspirations is Marzia Bisognin. A lot of the girls love Mona’s fashion sense. She was named after agdo11s, one of my favorite doll photographers and Hermione is from Harry Potter.

Artemesia (Art) Phoenix
She is basically my replacement Cecile doll, so she comes from New Orleans. She is very interested in the history there, especially her family's. One of her favorite holidays is Mardi Gras because of how exciting it is. Besides English, she can also speak French, German, Mandarin Chinese, and is learning Japanese. She is very sweet to everyone, but will defend her rights and opinions when needed. She aspires to do something inspiring with her life and loves to travel. She is a figure skater and a dancer, and wants to become a dance teacher. She is basically the mother of the group along with Elizabeth. Her names comes from one of my favorite book series, Piraticia and she loves the books as well. Because of this, she is very interested in important women sailors, and important women in general. She loves Misty Copeland and Martha Graham, and they are big inspirations to her. She believes in going anywhere you want in life and not focusing on the bad things.

Theodosia (Theo) Violet

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