My Blogging Journey

Hello! I'm Claire and Carrot was my bunny. I didn't start this blog as a doll blog, I just started out wanting to make a blog. This was four years ago, May 2012. At that time I didn't know that there were doll blogs. I had 2 AG dolls- Elizabeth and Emily. I had already started liking AG for 4 years before I started a blog so they weren't new to me. Then I found DollDiaries. I was a little confused about the popular doll website, but I loved it. Around then I also found MyFroggyStuff by looking up Littlest Pet Shop videos on YouTube (I did that often). I was inspired. I started posting more doll stuff on blog and soon people started looking at my blog, even though the pictures were TERRIBLE. I've gone through 3 cameras since then. Thank you guys, this 6 year journey has been amazing. Thanks AG, the last few years have been the best.

My AG Journey

It all started out with some old AG books my dad found at a garage sale. I loved them. Then came the catalogs and I would pour over the Bitty Baby section for hours, dreaming about getting one on Christmas morning. I finally got one for my birthday and I loved her (I named her Julie). Then I started looking at the MAG dolls and asked for one for Christmas. I didn't get one then, but that summer I saw Elizabeth and fell in love with her. She also looked the most like me. So I got for my birthday, and then I saved up all my money the next year to buy Emily at the AGP Chicago. A year later, Dakota, MAG #55 for Christmas, then Evelyn, #60 for the next year's Christmas. So much has happened since I got Julie, and it is for the better. I don't know what I would have been doing right now if not for American Girl.


  1. Excited to see it done (it says in progress :)

  2. i can't even look at this because it is good love it make more please

  3. Awesome! You sound like an amazing person and I would love to meet you someday.

  4. Replies
    1. Awesome, Doctor Who is the best TV show ever!!

  5. You definitely don't sound like a nerd! In fact, you sound super cool to me. :D I'm glad you like my name! ;)

    ~ Mint

  6. i can relate to all of them except 19 and 20! P.S i am crazy every min. of the day!

  7. Hi i had braces too!!!!!! :)

  8. Another Potterhead and Whovian! *friendship made*

  9. hello! me going to get braces soon.To :0=:(

  10. Omg! We need to meet up soon 😉🙀 btw its Sandy Dollies 😉💕❤️ My initials are CML 😂🎶.
    ~Sandy Dollies

  11. Awesome! I love your blog so much. I LOVE Harry Potter as well (i'm a Slytherin dont judge lol)!! If you want to check out my blog it is https://thedollsoftexas.wordpress.com
    Geeky_Girl <3

  12. I saw your comment on my blog. Im so sorry I didn't mean to be asking so much!! Thanks for checking it out. Merry Christmas


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