Thursday, March 27, 2014

Quick Craft- Doll Chewing Gum

Today I will be showing how to make some chewing gum for your dolls! If your doll is going on a trip (like Evelyn is!), she'll love to have some gum to chew!

You will need:
*A rubber bracelet
*Gum wrapper
*Scotch tape

1) Cut a small piece of the rubber bracelet off.

2) Trim the piece so that it is skinnier.

3) Cut a piece of the wrapper that is bigger than the rubber piece like so.

4) Wrap the wrapper around the piece. Close it all the way or just leave it open a little. Secure with tape.

I made one not in a wrapper too.

Tomorrow we leave for Columbus!! Once we get back, we'll show you our adventures! YAY!!!

Eat, sleep, craft!


  1. You have so many cute craft ideas! I'm going to have to make this...

  2. Hey! Cute!
    Vote for the AG Choice Awards Here:

  3. I absolutely LOVE this craft! I have 2 rubber bracelets and 4 gum wrappers, so I'm TOTALLY making a lot!


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