Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Fools Joke!

So we are back and excited to show you our trip, but first lets look at the joke the girls played on Elizabeth!
Elizabeth had just gotten back from a friend's house.

But she found something very strange. There were clothes on the floor and Dakota's lucky ball was just sitting on the floor (it has to be on a "sacred" cushion)!

The hair stuff was strewn everywhere too!

Even Dakota's stuffed animals and dolls were frazzled!

But the strangest thing of all was that no one was to be seen. Where is everyone? she wondered. It wasn't this messy when she left a couple of hours ago!

"Oh no, it's all my fault they're gone! They probably got kidnapped or something, and rummaged through our stuff!"

Then Elizabeth heard a sound near the door. "I have a hair brush and I'm not afraid to use it!!!" she shouted.

But it was actually her sisters that tumbled in!
"APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!" they screamed.

"Oh, don't ever do that again!" Elizabeth said hugging Nahji. "I thought I lost you or something!"


Did you play any tricks on anyone?


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