Thursday, July 2, 2015

Q&A Part 2!

Hey guys! Today I have the second part of my Q&A for you- enjoy!

I hope you like it. :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Q&A Part 1!

Okay, so I finally did that Q&A that I was going to do 5 weeks ago! You guys had some great questions, check it out...

I feel so awkward now, but anyways, enjoy!
Hope you like it. :)


PS- beware, there are a lot of awkward hand gestures and ramblings. 

Monday, June 29, 2015

About Improvements, Cameras, & Other Stuff

Hey guys, I wanted to make this post partly because I'm in the blogging mood and partly because I feel like giving out advice, so here we go. 
I have used four different cameras since I started blogging. All of them range in quality from the lowest quality to a high quality. Here I have 4 pictures of Elizabeth that were taken by each of my four cameras. Bear in mind though, I didn't even know anything about taking doll photos when I first started, so that makes a big impact too- knowing what you're doing and figuring out how to do it the best you can.

So this is my first ever doll photo that I took with my mom's camera in 2012. Ick. I didn't know anything about photography, seeing as the lighting is horrible and the focus isn't even on her face.

This picture was taken on the camera I got for Christmas in 2013. Better, but still not the best.

Now this one was taken shortly after the last one, but with my dad's old camera. Already you can see the improvement!

And this one was taken on my camera I got for my birthday in 2014. It's not edited so it's a little darker than I would like, but I think it's a big improvement! I also used reflectors for this so it's not as dark as it would be without them.

See, this is how dark it would have been without reflectors! (and if your wondering, they're just homemade ones. I'm broke so I can't get real ones, but my homemade ones seem to work just fine. xD)

So basically the point of this post is to say that anyone can improve, and even if you have a really bad camera, you can take good pictures if you know what to do and how to work it. It's the photographer, not the camera as they say! If you feel like you will never get better, keep trying, I believe in you my little Clairrots! (my new nickname for you, ok?)

PS- I'm not saying I'm a good photographer. I'm just saying that I've improved a ton. :)

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Review on Samantha's Special Day Dress + Photoshoot

Hey guys! So one of the outfits I got at the AGPNY was Samantha's Special Day Dress. I haven't seen many people buy it, so I thought I would do a review on it because it is absolutely gorgeous!

Here is the box. You can't see it very well, but the price is $32. Not too bad for all it comes with I suppose.

Here is the dress. It is a very pretty minty green/blue with gorgeous lace and a pink sash in the middle that ties into a bow in the back. The sleeves flair out a bit too.

The tights are nice and thick and relatively easy to put on. I like these because they're just plain white so they go with a lot of things.

The hairbow is a nice pink color that matches the flowers on the dress perfectly, and is made of a satiny material. I was confused about it at first because it looks like a regular bow, but when you put it on, the folds all lay flat. It is a little bit tight to put on though.

The shoes are by far one of my favorite things in this outfit. I love the color (even though it's not in the rest of the outfit) and the little bows make them really cute. They are really easy to get on and don't look like they'll slip off.

I put the outfit on Dakota because she looks the most like Samantha, but this dress would look gorgeous on any doll.

As you can see, the headband did end up looking like the stock photos when worn.

Here you can see a better close-up of the design.

The sash around the middle is the same material as the hairbow.

These colors are my favorite colors and I love lace and floral, so this dress was practically made for me! It does look a little more green in real life than in my photos and the stock photos, so when I saw it at the store I almost didn't buy it.

The shoes fit really well over the tights.

The bow in the back.

Overall, I think this outfit is absolutely gorgeous and worth your money! I'm really glad I got it in the end.

I hope you liked this review! Do you plan on getting this outfit sometime?

Monday, June 15, 2015

A Photoshoot + AGPC Challenge 5

Just a few photos of Emily I took a while back. :)


For the challenge:
Evelyn spends her summer afternoons relaxing in the grass by the flowers.



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