Sunday, September 28, 2014

Our New Desk!

Recently I was looking at my doll room and noticed how bad the desk looked, so I decided to redo it. It is just a piece of scrap wood with two letter "A's" glued on. Then I painted it white. I used a MyFroggyStuff tutorial, so you can watch that on how to make it.

I think it turned out very well! I still need to make a chair though.

All of the items on top were from the old desk.

One the side there is a puzzle, some magazines, and a catalog.

One the other side there is some random stuff like cards and electronics.

We really need to get a new laptop...

Our homemade clock still hangs on the wall.

And here is all the other stuff that was on the old desk that needs to be put somewhere...

Well this is what it looks like and we really like it!
Do you have a desk in you doll room?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

About Me Page is FINALLY Up!!

Hey guys! Today I thought I'd sit down and right my about me page that  I made like two months ago and wrote nothing in it. So you can go and see that HERE. I like it if I do say so myself, and my twenty facts about me is quite funny. :)

That's all for today!

Plus some super random pics I took on our vacation that I have yet to show you, even though that was like a month ago now. :P

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

autumn // a photoshoot

Okay, I WAS going to post this yesterday, but I was like, I only have time to post or watch Doctor Who (I had come from dance class that evening), so what will I pick? Obviously I picked Doctor Who. I know, I know...but I wanted to watch it! And I was looking at some photoshoots as I was catching up on everyone's posts and I was so inspired I ran outside in the 10 minutes I had before dance and took some amazing photos. So I will stop rambling now so you can see them, but I doubt anyone is now anyways, but if you are comment "ramble rambles rambling" and say THAT five times fast! Okay, without further ado...

Of course, there has to be a pic of my nails in there somewhere...:)

Which hat did you like better on her? I think the first one.
Hope you enjoyed!

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