Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Day of School Outfits 2014

Hey guys, Elizabeth here! Today I am going to be doing something different from last year- I am going to let the girls choose their outfits, then I critique them. It was our first day of school today, and it went great! I think you will like our outfits. :)

First up is Dakota sporting a lovely outfit. 

I LOVE how she used this lace and crocheted headband as a belt to dress up the boring blue dress. It's in the small details that count!

Her boots are AWESOME, maybe not the best with this outfit, but...

Lastly, her backpack is so Dakota. :)

Dress: American Girl
Headband: ?
Boots: Somewhere online...
Backpack: Journey Girls

Next up is Evelyn, and she is looking stunning in this ensemble.

She had a really great idea by using this tank underneath her dress- it adds a more fancier look, and makes it pass the dress code. :)

The baby blue in the headband is not the best for the dress, but the gold matches perfectly.

Her booties are so cute!

Again, the tank makes the dress more appropriate. 

Dress: American Girl (I believe it is retired)
Tank: Homemade by our Grandma
Headband: "                 "
Boots: American Girl (same as dress)

Oh, and here is her gorgeous backpack.

Here is Emily in her usual style of laid back and purple. :)

Her tank is quite simple, but looks really good on her.

I LOVE her corduroy jeans.

Her shoes might add a little bit too much purple, but they look good with the outfit anyway.

Her hair is pulled back with a simple clip.

And of course, her awesome backpack.

Tank: American Girl
Jeans: American Girl
Shoes: American Girl
Backpack: Homemade

Lastly is Nahji.

Her poncho looks adorable with her dress!

Her shiny headband tops it all off.

Well her shoes don't really match, but they're the only ones she has.

And her super adorable backpack!

Headband: American Girl
Poncho: Homemade
Dress: Homemade
Shoes: Heart for Heart Girls
Backpack: Battat

And I'm wearing my outfit I showed you a few weeks ago.
Visit that post HERE.

And here is my backpack, it is from Amazon.

So, which outfit was your favorite?
~Elizabeth and Claire

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Challenge 1 for AGPA Contest Entry

^^So this is my entry for DollsOnMyMind's AGPA contest, which is the Blogger of AGTube's AGMA. Visit her post HERE. Hope you like it Maddie!


PS: Isn't her outfit adorable?? 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Craft- How To Make A Doll Pencil Case Take Two

This is a pencil case craft I did back in February of 2013. I don't even know where I was going with the closure, and it didn't even fit my doll's pencils!!

So I decided to remake it. This is how I did it!

You will need: 
*Duck tape
*Doll pencil for measurement
*Jewel, sequin, or any other decoration you want to put on it
*Hot glue/hot glue gun

1) Cut your duct tape 1/4 longer than your doll pencil.

2) Cut another one. Stick them together, sticky side to sticky side.

3) Cut two more pieces about 1/2 an inch or so shorter, but still taller than your pencil.

4) Stick them together like the first pair. You should now have something like this.

5) Put the smaller one on top like so.

6) Cut thin pieces of tape that are the same length as the smaller piece and close both sides and the bottom.

One side done!

Two sides done!

And three sides done.

You should now have a flap at the top that can fold down.

7) Glue on the Velcro one the flap and front of the case making sure they meet up when closed.

8) Add a decoration on if you like.

And you're done!

It fits nicely inside the backpack I did yesterday.
And it can fit my doll's pencils in it...unlike my old one.


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Craft- Re-vamping a Doll Bag into Backpack

You know those really popular backpack satchel things? Well, I saw this denim bag in my doll's room and I instantly thought of those. So I decided to spice it up and make a backpack inspired by them!

This is what I'm talking about.

So here is the before. Plain right? Let's get started!

 I am using:
*Felt or fabric for the flap (if you need one)
*Embellishments of your choice
*Doll-sized bag
*Hot glue gun/hot glue

1) Measure how long you want the flap to be. Cut it out with some extra.

2) Make sure it can be glued onto the back of the bag.

3) Glue just one side onto the back of the bag like so.

When you flip it around, you should have a flap.

4) Round the flap off it you like.

6) Glue on Velcro, making sure the Velcro on the flap matches up with the one on the bag.

Now it should look something like this.

 7) Time to decorate! I used upside down rhinestones on the bottom edge of the flap to look like metal studs. I also used some ribbon in the middle.

After that, you're done!

My doll's can't wait to use it!

See, school can be fun with an awesome backpack, right...right?


Bonus pic!

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