Sunday, October 12, 2014

4 Weeks of Fall- Fall Decorating

"Hey guys! Emily shouted, "I got the decorations out!"

"Here's the fall stuff."

Nahji put the Halloween pumpkin up, as well as a metallic orange one.

We put the gourds in a basket...

...and put them on the kitchen counter with a pumpkin plate.

Emily baked some candy corn cookies to put on the plate.

The trick-or-treat pumpkin went up on the desk.

One sparkly pumpkin on Evelyn and Nahji's nightstand.

And one on the other girls'.

We didn't know what to do with the rest, so we put them in the fox trick-or-treat box and put it by the bunk bed.

How do you decorate for fall?


  1. Cute decorations! I set up and decorated a Halloween hangout for my dolls. :)

    ~ Mint

  2. OOh, great idea! I love the way you decorated it, I never really thought about decorating my doll "room" in festive themes... hmm......


  3. Your decorations are super cute! I need to start decorating my doll area! :)

  4. Hi Claire, I nominated this blog for the sunshine award. Check out this post for the details.


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