Thursday, October 9, 2014

4 Weeks of Fall- Fall Cleaning

I was going to tell you with my Monday post that it starts the beginning of a new series- 4 weeks of fall. I would have posted yesterday too, but...ya know...:P  I will not post every day with this series like I normally do, since this is four weeks, but soon I will have my Christmas series (already! !!) up and then Valentine's Day...well that's a little while off. So, come along with Elizabeth as she does some fall cleaning! And also, sorry some of the pictures are blurry, unfortunately my dollhouse does not have the best of lighting. :(

Hi everyone. This week I walked into our room and stopped. It was a complete mess, as you can see from the photo. So I decided to clean it, since no one else would.

My best advice is to tackle one section at a time. Oh my.

First I have to get the bins of clothes out of here.

Who leaves their bags and shoes on the floor??

Leaning things on the chair? We have better places for these things!?

I'll just steer clear of this area for now...ahemahemClaire,youbuyustoomanyhairthingsahemahem.

And where is this junk supposed to go??

Seriously?? Food from Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day?? SERIOUSLY????

And, hehe, what is this huge pile of clothing doing here, hehe? **guilty**

Well, at least it's clean now!

Are you doing any fall cleaning in your dollhouse to get ready to decorate?


  1. Looks great! Good job in cleaning up.
    One of these days I'd like to have a spot that becomes a doll house.
    Right now I have moments when I have to reorganize clothes. For the most part everything is tidy, but when I get stuff out for a trip and to change outfits...Everything ends up in a big bin or two or three. I went through everything the other day and got it condensed. :) Feels good to do things like this.

    1. Thanks!
      I know...after a trip it usually takes me a week or two to unpack my doll's clothes, but recently I've only been taking 1-2 outfits with me. That helps.

  2. Dude, I just DEEP cleaned my room and my American Girl stuff today! It had to be done. And I finally tackled it. It feels good after you clean it, it's a burden when you don't. Your room looks great! :)

    -Meghan at

    1. I know right?!? You just look at it and say, "It looks horrible, it needs to be cleaned!", and just do it.

  3. Good job, Elizabeth! Your doll room looks amazing! I have like my doll stuff literally scattered here and there, so umm.... I think I probably should go clean that *nervous grin* hehe

    1. Thanks, it needed to be done. :) Yeah...just try to clean it. ;) My dolls room is literally SOO much cleaner than my room is! lol!

  4. Wow! You did a good job cleaning! I am constantly having to clean up my doll area! :)


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