Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Highlights from 2013

I can't believe that 2013 is almost over! It was an AMAZING year, and I hope that 2014 will be even better! Here are a few highlights from each month in 2013.

This month was about making up my own GOTY 2014, Dakota, and new outfits!

Crafts, fun finds, and Nahji all make up this month!

This month was pretty good with cute cards, an amazing photo shoot, and a Shamrock Shake tutorial!

This is the month where I started planning out my posts more, taking better pictures, and being an overall better blogger. I had Paper Saige, a cute DIY flower, and a bow tie! 

In this month, I had my Blogiversary, I became a MUCH better photographer, and I started to LOOOOVE miniatures!

I got the Tropical Bloom outfit, went to the AGP Minneapolis, and we went to Camp Doll Diaries!

We made S'mores, did a tutorial for one of my most popular hairstyles, and had a 4th of July party!

I had back-to-school styles, fashion posts, and more photo shoots!

In this month, we posted about these adorable animal hats, our first day of school outfits, and Things to Do In the fall!

Even though we only had 5 posts, this month we had a lot of cool posts like, our Farmer's Market stand, my most favorite photo shoot EVER, and Elizabeth's return from the doll hospital!

A tutorial for a cupcake, Princess, and a new miniature violin make up this month.

This was the BEST month ever! We had some fun things such as, The 12 Days of Noel, a hot cocoa mug, an New Year's Eve Party Horns!

See what I mean? An exciting year! I can't wait to share more fun things like crafts, photo shoots, tips, fashion, and more in 2014!

Hope you have a fun and exciting New Year's Eve!


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