Wednesday, January 1, 2014

What I Think About Isabelle, GOTY 2014

Happy new year!!! I really like Isabelle and her collection! I like that a lot of her things are separates! Here are my opinions:

Isabelle Doll and Book- $120
I like that she has highlights, even though it makes her $10 more expensive. At first I wasn't crazy about her meet outfit, but now I like it a lot! I MIGHT get her...

Isabelle's Accessories- $30
Even more expensive!! I don't like her jacket, but I like her purse, arm warmers, and hair pin.

Isabelle's Pajamas- $24
In the catalog, the pants looked a little weird, but on the website they look okay. I like the headband and shirt a lot though.

Isabelle's Studio- $275
This is really cool since I like to design and dance, but waaaay too expensive.

Isabelle's Performance Set- $38
This is cute! I really like her tutu and her grey ballet shoes.

Isabelle's Metallic Dress- $34
I REALLY like this outfit a lot! It's unique and pretty! I also think the price is pretty good for this outfit.

Isabelle's Dance Barre- $65
This is pretty cool- but I will just make my own.

Isabelle's Dance Case- $44
I like the colors and the stuff it comes with, but I can easily buy or make my own for less.

Isabelle's Kitten- $22
She looks so soft! Her name (Tutu) is really cute too!

Isabelle's Coral Sweater- $14
I REALLY like this sweater.

Isabelle's Rosette Leotard-$10
Simple yet cute!

Isabelle's Wrap Sweater- $14

Isabelle's Purple Leotard- $12
This is cute!

Isabelle's Practice Top- $8

Isabelle's Dance Skirt- $12
I love this!!

Isabelle's Funky Leggings- $12
These are okay.

Isabelle's Sparkly Skort- $12
This is pretty cute!

Isabelle's Scrunch Pants- $12
I wearing pants like these right now! (Except longer)

Isabelle's Tutu- $14
Simple yet cute!

Isabelle's Leg Warmers Set- $12
Ohhh, I need these, especially the silver ones!

Here are the new MAG things:

Pretty Pink Outfit- $28
This is super cute!

Friends are Sweet set- $20
I could make this.

Tennis Outfit- $38
I like the old one waaay better.

Heart Tank and Brief Set- $12
The print is too Bitty Baby-ish.

Pink Tank and Brief Set- $12
The print is too Bitty Baby-ish.

Platform Sandals- $14
These are okay.

Canvas shoes- $14

Lime Glasses- $10
I like these!

Turquoise Glasses- $10
Eh. They're okay.

Rosy Glasses- $10
Too little girl-ish and look weird on dolls. 

Charm-Keeper Necklace- $8
It's nice that you can buy it separately from the doll but waaay too over priced.

So what do you think of Isabelle and her collection? 


  1. In the past, all the dolls were the same price, with the GOTY and HC coming with book instead of a necklace. The book separately are about $7, so $8 necklace is not too over priced.

    I personally don't like anything in her collection, I might buy the jacket separately as a replacement part, and take the name off with a seam ripper, maybe do the same with the hair piece and find a way to put it on another doll, but that's all I want.

  2. I did a post about Isabelle's collection too! how do I follow you? nice blog!!

  3. I like her metallic dress and kitten. Also like that I can get the charm keeper necklace separately now. I hope it still comes with the MAGs though.

  4. So awesome!! I love Isabelle's stuff. I want It all!!!

  5. So awesome! I love Isabelle's stuff.


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