Monday, December 30, 2013

Quick Craft- New Year's Eve Party Horns

I can't believe how fast 2013 has gone! It was an AWESOME year here on Carrot and Claire! Today I'll show you these super quick party horns for your doll's party!

You Will Need:
*Straw (any color will work)
*A real human-sized party horn (You can find a pack for really cheap at the dollar or party store)

1) Cut the straw right behind the ridges. Use the small piece for this craft. 

2) Cut or rip the foil part of the p;arty horn off. 

3) Trim the fringed side and the bottom.

Wrap around the top part of the straw and tape in place.
Note: You can make two of these by cutting another piece of straw and cut the foil part in half then wrap around the straw. I just chose to wrap mine around two times.


Do you like Evelyn's green tank top and shirt? I made them myself using Pixie Faire patterns! It's not the best, but I am a beginner.

Toot toot! :)


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