Thursday, December 19, 2013

12 D.O.N. #7- Quick Christmas Cards

This really cute card only takes a few minutes to make, which is good if you're short on time. You can give this to anyone!

You Will Need:
*Card stock
*Scrapbook paper
*Glue stick
*Ruler (not shown)

1) Cut a piece of card stock 3 1/4 in. across and 2 in. up and down.

2) Fold your card.

3) Draw three small triangles on the scrapbook paper about the same size. Cut them out.

4) Glue one triangle on the card with a little bit of an angle. (the picture is sideways)

5) Glue the next one on overlapping the bottom one a bit and leaning the other way.

6) Glue the last one on the same way except leaning the same way as the bottom one.

7) Write "Merry Christmas" or another message on the front with the pen.

8) Remember to sign it inside!


Hope you enjoy!

PS- We won a giveaway from Amaya's blog Fun With AG Fun!


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