Friday, July 12, 2013

Winners of the Caption that Doll Picture!

SO sorry we haven't been posting! We've been busy with braces, camps, new babies, parties, and so on. We really like everyone's captions, but we had to pick two! BUT, you have a chance of winning one this week!

And the winners are...

All AG!-  Elizabeth: Guys, I was trying to bake to bake my cookies for the fourth but...OMG! There's my pans o you're..uh..heads? 

Emily: Yeah they're a new fashion statement!

Elizabeth: Since when? 

Dakota: Since we put these on our heads. How do I look?

TL IRVIN!- Elizabeth: (in the kitchen) Where are my pots and pans? I just put them there......

Dakota and Emily: (giggling) She'll never know it was us.

Elizabeth: Dakota? Emily? Where are you? Did you take my pans?

Emily: Should we answer?

Dakota: I'll answer. (in a high pitch voice) We are in the bathroom.

Elizabeth: Dakota? Is that you? (walks into bathroom) Where are you guys?

Emily: (in a deep voice) We are in the bedroom.

Elizabeth: (walks into bedroom) Where are you?

Emily: We disappeared!!!

Dakota: Emily, she'll never believe that!

Elizabeth, looks like I'm finally a only child! Maybe I should cancel that advertisement for two sisters for sale......

Dakota: I guess I was wrong. Wait what? Sisters for sale?

Elizabeth: (behind Dakota and Emily) Maybe I shouldn't because I just found to sisters.

Emily: I have a pan on my head and I am not afraid to use it!

Elizabeth: Why are my pans on your heads?

Dakota: We are playing pan heads.

Elizabeth: (taking pans of their heads) I can finally bake that cake.

Dakota: Now lets talk about that sisters for sale thing...




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