Friday, July 5, 2013

Caption that Doll Picture!

I wanted to do a Caption that Doll Picture- so here it is.

What do you think Dakota, Emily and Elizabeth are saying? Comment your answers below by Friday, July 12th!


  1. Elizabeth: Guys, I was trying to bake to bake my cookies for the fourth but...OMG! There's my pans o you're..uh..heads?

    Emily: Yeah they're a new fashion statement!

    Elizabeth: Since when?

    Dakota: Since we put these on our heads. How do I look?

  2. Elizabeth: (in the kitchen) Where are my pots and pans? I just put them there......

    Dakota and Emily: (giggling) She'll never know it was us.

    Elizabeth: Dakota? Emily? Where are you? Did you take my pans?

    Emily: Should we answer?

    Dakota: I'll answer. (in a high pitch voice) We are in the bathroom.

    Elizabeth: Dakota? Is that you? (walks into bathroom) Where are you guys?

    Emily: (in a deep voice) We are in the bedroom.

    Elizabeth: (walks into bedroom) Where are you?

    Emily: We disappeared!!!

    Dakota: Emily, she'll never believe that!

    Elizabeth, looks like I'm finally a only child! Maybe I should cancel that advertisement for two sisters for sale......

    Dakota: I guess I was wrong. Wait what? Sisters for sale?

    Elizabeth: (behind Dakota and Emily) Maybe I shouldn't because I just found to sisters.

    Emily: I have a pan on my head and I am not afraid to use it!

    Elizabeth: Why are my pans on your heads?

    Dakota: We are playing pan heads.

    Elizabeth: (taking pans of their heads) I can finally bake that cake.

    Dakota: Now lets talk about that sisters for sale thing...

    I hope you like it!

    -TL and The dolls from

  3. Dakota: I really love these hats we made, Emily!

    Emily: Yeah, me too!

    Elizabeth: Hey guys! I haven't made one yet!

    Dakota: Ooops

    Emily: I forgot.

    I hope you like it!


  4. Elizabeth: Hey, Emily, hey Dakota, say there's something different about you two.

    Dakota: You think so? (turns and smiles at Emily)

    Elizabeth: Yes...I know! You cut your hair?

    Emily and Dakota together: Nope!

    Elizabeth: You dyed it?

    Emily: Of course not, silly.

    Elizabeth: I just can't figure it out. Guess it's nothing after all.

    Emily: Yeah, you are probably right.

    Dakota: Yeah, nothing at all!


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