Friday, July 12, 2013

Give us FAQ Questions!

Guys, we're going to have a FAQ post coming soon, so ask all your questions! It can be anything about Carrot and Claire or our dolls, but please nothing too personal, or we won't answer it. Thanks!


  1. Hi Claire,

    Here are my questions:

    How old are you?
    How did you find out about AGs?
    What age did you get your first AG?
    When did you start crafting?

    Can't wait to hear your answers!


  2. How do you come up with ideas for posts?


  3. How do you get the "you might also like:" after your posts?


    1. Never mind on that question I figured it out. But my first questionn can still be answered.

  4. When did you know that doing what your doing was the right thing?
    When did you get your first AG?
    ~The Doll Crafters

  5. how do you get the you might also like thing?

  6. Why is your blog called Carrot And Claire? I get the Claire part, cuz your Claire, But whos Carrot?


I love your feedback and comments, but please be considerate of other people's feelings.


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