Monday, June 9, 2014

Camp + Popsicle Hair Pins DIY

"Okay everyone, since this week's theme is 'Take a Bow', we are going to do a Rupunzel play!"

"Okay, what are our parts?"

"Good news is, our cabin got all the main parts!
Let's see, Dakota is the evil fake 'mother'"

"Whatever. I just want to eat this ice cream I got at the camp store."

"Emily is the guy."

"Seriously?!?!?! Just because I have short hair does NOT mean that I look like a boy!!! I'm outta here!"

"Nahji, you are the chameleon."

"He's cute I guess..."

"Last but not at all least, Evelyn is Rupunzel!! 
And I am the director/costume designer!"

"Great! Hmmm, which flower do I want in my hair for the play..."

"This one or this one?" :)

"Can't we just do a craft or something??"

"Sure, why not?"

"I think I'll just practice my parts for the play. And then she says, 'I will let down my hair!'"

Today we will be making Popsicle hair pins!

You will need:
*Tan, white, and dark brown felt.
*Bobby pin or barrette

1) Cut a 1/2 in. across by 3/4 in. down rectangle from the cardboard.

2) Round off the top.

3) Trace it on the white or dark brown felt, depending on which color you want for the actual Popsicle part.

4) Cut it out.

5) Repeat step 3 and 4 except with the other color you didn't use in step 3. This is going to be the sauce.

6) Cut the bottom into a wavy shape.

7) Glue them together.

8) Cut out a tiny rectangle out of the tan felt for the stick.

9) Glue it onto the Popsicle.

10) Glue the Popsicle to the Bobby pin.

Ta da, you're done!

Back in their cabin...

"Don't you like mine the best, I did it exactly how you did yours!"

"Nooo, you have to like MINE the best because it is ORIGINAL."
"I like them both girls, you did a good job. Let's go model them!"

Hope you enjoyed!


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