Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Camp + Nature Arrangements

"Oooooohhhhhh, owwwwww, ohhh!!"

"Elizabeth, come quickly!! Something's wrong with Dakota!!"
"What is it?"
"My belly hurts so PAINFULLY, oooohhhhh!"
"That's what you get for eating too much chocolate ice cream! Let's get you to the camp infirmary."

"There now, you're all nice and cozy."

"I'll keep an eye on you today Dakota."

"Okay Nahji and Emily! Today we will go outside and make beautiful nature arrangements!"

"First you got to find sticks, rocks, flowers, pine cones, anything you want to be in your arrangement."

"Find a (doll-sized) tall, glass jar for the vase and unscrew the lid."
Note from Claire- My jar are meant to have beads in them for beading.

"Put the stuff you found earlier in the jar. We used pussy willow, mini pine cones, and dried lavender."

"This is optional, but you can put rocks or mini pine cones in the bottom to hold the things in place."

"And you are finished!"

Back in the cabin...

"How is she, Evelyn?"
"Not much better."

"Here Dakota, you can have mine, since you didn't get to make one."
"Thanks." Dakota managed a weak smile.

Is everyone healthy at your cabin?

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Those are great nature arrangements.
    Feel better soon, Dakota.

  2. Those nature arrangements are so cool and pretty! I hope you feel better Dakota I know it's never fun to miss out on camp activities. :(


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