Monday, February 10, 2014

Love Treats #5- Oreo Penguin Cookies

Isn't this just the cutest thing?!? This adorable cookie is so easy to make and was inspired by these cookies:
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If you would like to make these cookies for yourself, click HERE.
Now onto the doll sized version!

You will need:
*Black foam
*Dark pink foam
*Light pink foam
*White foam
*Hole punch that punches tiny holes- if you have a hole punch that punches regular size holes, just cut them down to size.
*Quarter or bottle cap
*Hot glue gun/hot glue

1) With your quarter or bottle cap, trace two circles onto black foam and one on the white. Cut them out.

2) Glue them together with the white circle in the middle. This in now the Oreo.

3) Cut out another white circle the same size. Cut the top off a little like so and glue in on top of the Oreo.
4) With the small hole punch, punch two holes from the black foam. Glue them on for eyes.

5) Punch out a hole from the dark pink foam. Make it pointed at one end. Glue it on for the beak.

6) Cut out two small oval-like shapes from the black foam. If you like, you can cut out a small light pink heart out of foam and glue it to one of the wings.

7) Glue the wings on.
8) Punch out two holes from the light pink foam. I cut the bottoms off. Glue them one.

Eat, sleep, craft!


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