Saturday, January 25, 2014

What are They Saying? Write Your Own Caption

Hello! I decided to do another caption that doll picture, like the one I did in July.
Who do you think is in Elizabeth's bed? What do you think the person and Elizabeth are saying?
You have until Wednesday, February 5th to decide!


  1. Princess: If I lick Eva's Feet would she scream?
    Sticks tounge out.....
    Lizabeth: NO PRINCESS!

  2. Dakota! What are you doing in my bed?
    (groggily) Huh? Your bed? Wow, I must have been sleep walking.

  3. Elizabeth: Time to clean my room!
    Dakota: Will you marry me, handsome prince?
    Elizabeth: What the?
    Dakota: Time for our royal wedding!
    Elizabeth: Dakota!
    Dakota: Mwah!
    Elizabeth: DAKOTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dakota: Oh. Sorry, I must have fallen asleep in your bed.
    Elizabeth: At 4:00 O Clock in the afternoon? I don't think so!

  4. Elizabeth: Who the...
    "Dakota Screams!"
    Elizabeth: Dakota! Why did you scream?
    Dakota: Because you came into my room without knocking!
    Elizabeth: Your room...Yeah, whatever.


  5. Elizabeth: Whew! What's that smell? It smells!
    Mystery doll: Yeah, I noticed that when you walked in, Elizabeth.


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