Friday, January 24, 2014

Hairstyle- The Potato Bun

I have no idea why I called this hairstyle the potato bun, I guess it sort of reminds of a potato...well anyway, it looks like what a lot of girls where, and I think it's cute! Let me show you how to make it!

You will need:
*Misting bottle (optional)
* Wire hairbrush
*One hair tie and bobby pins or 2 hair ties
*Headband (optional)
*Hair bow (optional)

1) Brush and mist your doll's hair like you normally do.
(You can see my new sewing machine in the background :D)

2) Put a high pony in your doll's hair. It doesn't have to be perfect. (Mine sure isn't, haha)

3) Coil the ponytail around yourself until you get the look you want, sorta like this.
Add a headband or hair bow, and you're done!

If your doll has layers that don't stay in, you can leave them out like this.

Hope you enjoyed!


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