Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Our Dance Studio!

Hello everyone! Since Isabelle is a dancer, but her barre set is expensive, we decided to make our own studio! In case you didn't know, Emily does tap and jazz, and Evelyn (I still can't decide on a nickname) does Ballet. It is super easy to recreate this, and it stores easily, so that when you are done with it, you can put it away!

For a mat, I used a Doll Diaries tutorial HERE except I just used 2 pieces of foam and used Scotch tape to tape them together with a space in between so that the mat can fold.

Here is the mat folded up.

This dance poster was in the AG Poster book.

The dance barre is a wooden dowel with small pieces of pipe cleaner wrapped around it and taped to the wall.

Here is Evelyn at the barre! Her leotard is from Springfield Collections, and her leggings are from My Doll's Life.

Of course they have to have dance bags and drinks! The white bag is from AG Travel book set, the blue cup is from a tutorial I did HERE, the pink bag is from the My Life As... at Walmart, and so is the water bottle. 

Emily's outfit is AG.

Go Emily!

So that's our dance studio!
Do you dance? 
I do!


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