Sunday, December 8, 2013

Hot Chocolate Mug

Somedays don't you feel like curling up with a book and drinking a steaming mug of hot cocoa? This craft is for you! This can be for your doll, or give it to your doll's friend as a present. You can also use whatever color felt you want for the inside to be any drink you want. I am choosing hot cocoa. It will stay nice and warm in this portable mug!
Let's get started!

You will need:
*foam in any color for the lid
*brown felt for hot cocoa or coffee, or another color for another drink
*mini plastic shot glass- I got mine in a pack of 24 for $1 at Dollar Tree
*black marker

1) Cut out a piece of felt that can wrap around the inside of the glass.

2) Take it out of the cup and glue the ends together. It will look like mine if your cup is bigger at the top, but this is okay.

3) Trim the felt. Put the felt in the cup. It should now look like this.

4) Place a wad of felt at the bottom of the cup to make sure any spaces at the bottom are covered.

5) Cut out a circle of foam a little bit bigger than the top of the cup. Glue it on the cup.

6) Cut out a circle a little bit smaller than the big circle you just glued on.
7) Draw a little "smile" on the circle with the black marker. Let it dry before touching it or putting to your doll's lips, so that it doesn't smear or get on your doll. 
8) Glue the small circle onto the big one. 


Hope your doll enjoys her new mug and hot cocoa!


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