Monday, July 1, 2013

Two Super Fun Finds and Two Easy Crafts

Hey guys! Do you know why dolls love hotels? Because they get mini shampoo, conditioner, and lotion for FREE!

They're perfect for dolls!

Perfect size!

If you're going to a hotel anytime soon, pick up they're free shampoo and conditioner that should be in the bathrooms! 

What's something you and your doll can enjoy? This soda can! It's actually fizzy candy, and after you eat the candy, you're doll can enjoy her "soda"! (Wondering what the soda can is sitting on? We made this little kitchen- photos coming soon!)

Remember those cheese erasers we got in Wisconsin? Well, we put them in the plastic container the AG glasses came in, added a cute label, and ta-da! A cheese container!(Or put anything you want in it)

Do you need a desk chair for your 10-12" dolls? We found that the white plastic triangles that sometimes come in the middle of pizzas when they're in the box work well!

We just added 2 triangles of foam on top, and you have a new desk chair or stool!

We have some fun Fourth of July Crafts coming up this week!

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