Sunday, June 30, 2013

Updates * What we got from the AGP * Review

Hey guys, Dakota here! We're finally back from our vacation:( Sorry we haven't been posting, we've been very busy! We hope to make a slideshow of pictures from our trip for you to look at!

We went to the AGP Mall of America on Friday and ate lunch! It was REALLY fun! Here's me at the table!

Here's Mama's lunch that she DIDN'T SHARE WITH ME!!!!

Isn't this doll BEAUTIFUL?!?!?!? She is one of the new dolls AG has, and she's gonna be our new sister sometime!!

We bought this new outfit, The Tropical Bloom Outfit![Review below]

Here I am visiting Cecile and sitting pretty in her desk!

Visiting Caroline!

We also got this cute hat!

Here are the souvenirs we got for my sisters!

We got these Blue Glasses for Emily- doesn't she look cute? (AG)

We got a little Sock Monkey for Elizabeth! (It's actually a key-chain with the key-chain part cut off.)

For Nahji we got dream catcher- she loves this kind of thing and there for so many for sale everywhere, we had to get one!

Here is the review of the Tropical Bloom outfit! 

The headband is really cute and is made of the same knit material as the leggings. 

The tunic is teal with a cute white flower thing on it.

The leggings are really soft with a white star on the left leg. I just don't really know why they chose PURPLE to go with the teal, but it's cute anyways. 

The shoes are SUPER cute, they're slip-on, but they are kinda hard to get on...they don't really cover the whole heel. 

Overall, we LOVE this outfit, and $28 is great for AG! If you're thinking about getting it, GET IT!


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