Thursday, May 9, 2013

Spring into Summer~ Summer Wardrobe Staples

You HAVE to have the best separates for Summer! These are our favorite things to have.

1) A plain t-shirt. This shirt is one of the most worn shirt at our house EVER! (AG)

2) We just LOVE this flowey, comfy skirt! (AG)

3) Of course, I a cute Summer dress is NECESSARY!! (AG)

4) A pair of shorts! (Homemade) 

5) Last but not least, are a pair of flip-flops! (AG)

These are just *some* of our Summer staples! What are yours?


  1. Those shorts are so awesome! Our summer staples are shorts, tank tops, and sandals.

    Adollable Dolls

  2. Dresses and Flip flops are our staples!! Cute!!


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