Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Opinions On The New American Girl Outfits!




I was blown away by how cute these new outfits and accessories are!! Here they are:
             I really like this! Don't you just LOVE those shoes?? I think these item will be very popular, but I don't know if I will get it yet.

                         i love all the colors together, it makes everything look more springy!! American Girl must be loving barrettes this year...:) And I love those sandals!! They are sooo adorable!! I think I am going to get this.
           This is not really cute. At all. I don't think this is going to be really popular because of the color choices. A no, no.
                     I LOVE this!! I like everything about it! The colors, the shirt, the shorts, the shoes... A definite yes, yes, YES!!!

                              This is cute, but too much pink! This really reminds me of a Hello Kitty towel I used to have.

                    This dress is calling my name!! I just think it looks so sweet, and it is GORGEOUS !!

                    This little calf is cute, but what do you do with him!?!?!?!? I don't really know about this one...

                 I like Molly's old pajamas better. But thats just me.

                         But I like this bed better than her old one!!

                         I can easily make this, American Girl!!! But its kinda cute...

              Easy to make also. This is making me hungry for cake... and water...

                      You can just buy one of these for $20 dollars at My Doll's Life( and this is $60. $60!!!!!

                         This is cute but expensive with it's $100 price tag... and I think Julie's Banana Seat Bike went up to $100 too...

                     Oh Man. What. Is. The. Point. Of. This pet trailer thing???!!!??? Its kind of a dumb idea, but I got to admit, I would like to see Coconut riding in this, his little head peeking out...cute!!!

                            On all the blogs I have seen the new AG products on, I haven't seen this. Its supposed to be a doll wall holder, but I don't think I would like my dolls to be on the wall, and people might get the wrong idea...

So which new outfit or accessories do you like the best? Mine has to be Caroline's new outfit, and the one with the green shorts.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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  1. My fav has to be the easy breezy dress. and the pet birthday set. I have the older licorice and i loooove her


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