Thursday, January 17, 2013

Creating A GOTY For 2014

I was sick today, so I decided to make up a GOTY for 2014. This doll may remind you of Saige- her dad owns a rodeo. But it was really fun making this doll's collection! And I think she would be from Montana...

Meet Virginia Rae! Virginia Rae loves living at her family's rodeo, Rodeo Ranch, but once her mom dies because of cancer, and they do not have much business as usual, they may need to sell the rodeo. Virginia wants to find a way to help, but after a few fails, she wants to give up. Then she meets Anna Marie. Anna Marie helps her learn about patience and is willing to help her. But then something tragic happens to Anna Marie, and Virginia panics. If she doesn't act soon, they may lose the rodeo! She asks her seemingly nice cousin, Dakota, if she could help her, but she refuses. But, Anna Marie's lessons pay off. Virginia has thought of a plan.

Virginia Doll & Paperback Book $110
Your 18" Virginia doll has medium-length straight brown hair, brown eyes that open and close, and freckles. She comes wearing a bright blue skirt, a blue and red striped tank, blue underwear, ankle boots, two hair clips, and a friendship bracelet. Includes a Virginia paperback book.

Virginia's Accessories $28
Includes a studded denim jacket, a flower headband her mom made, a bag with an owl on it, and an Ipod.

Anna Marie Doll & Paperback Book $110
Your 18" Anna Marie doll has long blonde wavy hair, and blue eyes that open and close, and pierced ears. She comes wearing a light purple ruffled shirt, super-skinny jeans with pink stitching, rhinestone sandals, and a friendship bracelet. Includes a Be Your Best, Anna Marie! paperback book.

Anna Marie's Accessories $28
Includes a heart necklace, two pairs of earrings, her guinea pig Boo, and Boo's traveling bag.

Virginia's Pet Bunny $24
Virginia's pet bunny, Nibbles, is a white and brown indoors bunny. Set also includes a woven bed, flat pillow, and a food dish with "Nibbles" on it.

Virginia's Puppy $22
Virginia found this puppy as a stray! Includes Virginia's black puppy, Monkey, a red collar, and a black leash.

Virginia Saves the Rodeo Paperback Book $6.95
Virginia has a plan to save Rodeo Ranch, but will it work? Once Anna Marie can do it, they get to work. Every thing is working out perfectly until one of their bulls go loose. The people in the area are worried, and blame Virginia's father for this. He will have to go to to jail- but not if Virginia can save him! As she finally figures out who did it, Anna Marie is working hard to persuade people to come to the next rodeo- nothing that Virginia or her father knows about!! When all the seats are filled at their maybe-last-rodeo show, Virginia is greatly surprised. The rodeo is saved! When it comes time for her birthday, Virginia learns that Anna Marie is moving. Virginia is sad, but at least they will still be able to contact each other! Virginia is proud to have such a great friend like Anna Marie!

I did make up some more outfits that I will post over the next few days! If American Girl made these dolls, would you by any of them?


  1. Awesome! Virginia!And her bunny!

    1. Did you notice that Nibbles looks like Carrot?

    2. Yes Now that you mentioned it!Your bunny is soooo cute! How old is he/ She?

    3. Carrot is 2 years old, and we think he is a boy.


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