Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Our Holiday Dresses!

So, sorry 7 Days of Noel was a flop, but I promise that next year will be so much better!! It's just been really stressful, but now I can relax. Since it's Christmas Eve (!!), here are my dolls' Christmas dresses! Oh, and hopefully they will get a new sister tomorrow! (wink wink)

Here is Evelyn in Molly's retired holiday dress. Her shoes and tights are from

Here is Dakota wearing a retired AG outfit.

Emily is wearing her retired holiday outfit.

Nahji is wearing her dress and poncho I made her.

Last but not least is Elizabeth wearing this stunning outfit my Grandma made. It's safe to say that this is my favorite holiday outfit. :)

What are your dolls wearing for Christmas? 

So now...I wish you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!

~Claire and the dolls

And a picture of my fuzzy socks. :)


  1. hehe, fuzzy socks ROCK.
    Their outfits are soo adorable :) I especially love the one your grandma made, it's stunning.
    Hmm, this post reminds me I need to upload the pictures I took of Esther.
    THEY'RE GOING TO GET A NEW SISTER? *gasps, then cheers wildly while others look strangely at me*
    MERRY CHRISTMAS, CLAIRE :))) (I may or may not be slightly hyper.... :)

    1. THANK YOU!!! Yes they got a new sister!!!! *sequels*

  2. Merry Christmas! I love all the outfits! :)

    ~ Mint

  3. Wow, Elizabeth's dress is beautiful! Your grandma is an amazing seamstress!!!
    Merry Christmas to you Claire! I hope you have a wonderful day! ^_^

  4. I love fuzzy socks!!! Their pictures are sooo pretty and I LOVE Elizabeth's dress! :)


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