Sunday, December 21, 2014

7 Days of Noel #3- Geeky Gift Ideas From Around the Web

If you're looking for a creative gift idea for a friend, but don't really feel like making any of my awesome ideas (jk), then here are a few different options...

Original Series Star Trek doll clothes, will fit 18 inch dolls American Girl Springfield, Gotz, Our Generation, Made in USA
1) First off is this awesome Original Star Trek Outfits by TheEdwardianGirl. These are perfect for the Star Trek lover in your doll family. :)

Mini Harry Potter Hogwarts Letter & Wand for American Girl 18" Doll Magic Miniature Witch Wizard Hermione Dumbledore Unique Stocking Stuffer
2) Next is this Mini Harry Potter Hogwarts Letter and Wand by PacketParchment. Can I just say how awesome this is?!? Emily would freak if she got this for Christmas! (wink, wink)

Hermione Granger's Yule Ball Gown
3) I'm freaking out right now. Isn't this awesome??? It's Hermione Granger's Yule Ball Dress from the fourth book, and I love it!!! The awesome shop it comes from is called DressMeMagic, and her shop is full of Harry Potter inspired outfits!!

Fleur Delacour's Wedding Dress
4) I had to show you another dress from her shop, and this one is Fleur Delacour's Wedding Dress. Like wow, this is stunning!

Katniss Everdeen Wedding Gown for American Girl Doll

American Girl doll arrow necklace - silver
6) Last but not least is this beautiful arrow necklace inspired by the Hunger Games by EverydayDollwear.

So, I could have done better on this post but I've been sick, and busy, and stressed, and not really in the Christmas-y mood. Please help. :(
Hope this gave you some ideas and sorry I didn't find anything for the LOTR or Doctor Who lovers,


  1. I love the Hermione Yule Ball Dress, I don't normally like pink and ruffles, but this dress is too cute!

  2. Well, I can't rightly say I have any tips to help you get in to the holiday spirit, because quite frankly, I don't believe I'm in it one jot either. *sighs* Tomorrow's Christmas and I'm still not in the mood. I think I need major help too. But those are certainly quite cute gift ideas. That necklace is just so adorable. I love getting necklaces like those for myself, because they're so "CUTE", only problem - I never wear them then. Wow, Autumn, wow. Real smart.

    1. Yeah same problem with the necklaces- I love looking at them and buying them, then I never wear them. *sigh*


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