Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Doll Craft- Pet Bed/House

Does your doll's' pet need a bed or house? Then this craft is for you! This craft is perfect for any little pet!

You will need: 
*A box that your pet can stand up comfortably in when laying sideways (I'm using a Pop Tart box)
*Duct tape
*Fabric or small blanket
*Doll pet
*Small toy (optional)

1) Cut the flaps off the box- but don't throw them away- you will need one!

2) Turn the box sideways so the pet stands up in it.

3) Start covering the whole box with Duct tape.

When you're done it should look like this. You can cover the inside if you like, but I didn't.

4) Cover the back and front of the largest flap that you cut off earlier with Duct tape.

5) Tape the flap onto the box so that it's like an awning.

6) Place the fabric or small blanket in the box.


Now your doll's pet has a comfy spot to sleep!

Find out how to decorate it next week!

Eat, sleep, craft!


  1. The pop tart box is the perfect size. So cute!

  2. That is perfect! I have two Pop Tart containers in my pantry right now. At least one of them will become a pet place. :) Thanks for the great idea and instructions.


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