Saturday, August 24, 2013

Easy Doll Tablet

Does your mom(or you!) get Better Homes and Gardens? Take a look in the current magazine(September, 2013) and you will notice perfectly sized doll tables at the bottom of a few pages. Well, what do you do? Make a doll tablet of course!

^Sorry the pic's upside down:P^
You will need:
*Black foam
*Glue stick
*Magazine(ask before cutting up)

1) Find a picture of a tablet in your mag...
...or just use a regular, doll-size-tablet pic(cutting it out of the frame if it has one).

2) Cut out pic.
3) Glue to black foam
4) Cut out.

Regular pic version:
2) Cut out pic.
3) Glue to black foam.
4) Cut out leaving a little on the sides.

Remember, you can make this with any color foam you want!

P.S.- We have a craft requests page!!!


  1. This fabulous! I think Coastal Living magazine does this and maybe Seventeen. Will check all my magazines out. And if you've ordered from AG can use the mini magazine for this too. :D Just wonderful idea, Claire! Thank you.

    1. By the way, if you make one, could you post it on your blog?

  2. I and her is so argreeableing!!!!


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