Friday, August 9, 2013

DIY: Lacey Flower Bobby Pin

Every doll needs something fancy in their wardrobe, and this will do the trick! Using fabric you have on hand, this is easy and cheap! 

You will need:
*Lace, fabric and lace, or lace recycled from a old piece of clothing(it will have fabric on the back)22 1/2" long
*Bobby pin
 *Hot glue

 1) Twist the fabric/lace.

2) Start wrapping it around itself, keeping it twisted, and gluing little parts along the way. Keep twisting, wrapping, and gluing until you're finished.
3) Secure the end with glue.

*If you're using fabric you can wrap lace around the flower*

4) glue a bobby pin to the back and you're done!

Learn how to do this hairstyle tomorrow!


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