Sunday, June 9, 2013

DIY: How to Make A Doll Dog Collar and Leash

Now that the weather's warmer, you can take your dog for longer walks! But wait- you don't have a collar or leash? Here's an easy-peasy tutorial for one!

You will need:

Your doll's dog
Thin ribbon
Hot glue

1) Measure the ribbon around the dog's neck. 
2) Cut leaving 1/2" hanging. 
3) Hot glue on a tiny piece of Velcro to the ends. 

4) Measure a long piece of ribbon from your doll's hand down to the dog's collar, with the doll standing a foot or so away. Cut leaving a little extra.

5) Wrap the end of the ribbon around your doll's fingers, making sure it can slip on and off easily.
6) Glue the end of the ribbon to that place.

7) Wrap the other end of the ribbon around the collar at the back of the dog's neck. 
8) Glue Velcro on the end of the ribbon and in that other spot so your doll can take the leash off.

And you're done!

Do you want more tutorials like this?


  1. Sure, they're really nice and fun!!!!

  2. Great idea! I'd love to read more posts like this!!!!



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