Saturday, June 8, 2013

Checking in At Camp Doll Diaries! + News

Emily here! On Monday morning, we went to Camp Doll Diaries, and it was fun!

First we had to wait in a long line to sign in.

While i was signing my name, the girl at the desk told me my cabin name to write down. Then I noticed that ELIZABETH was in Cabin Prairie Sunset too! I groaned. The girl told me to go to the auditorium and find the chairs labeled "Prairie Sunset". I sat down and looked at my camp leader. Then I practically screamed. #OHMYGOSHWHATDOIDOKNOW??????
My Camp leader was....MAMA!!!!!! 
She did say she was going to be a camp leader...
She was grinning madly, and I just knew she had something to do with this, as know Dakota and Nahji joined our group. Which as Elizabeth said later she had. 
Then the camp director talked about the rules and all that stuff. Then she told us to use our registration sheets to tell the rest of our group a little bit about us. Even though we were all sisters, we did it anyways, because I don't think we should mess with a Camp director, especially if they look like that. 

Our turn for crafts was first, and we were making name tags. I am not crafty like Dakota or Elizabeth, but this was actually fun.
Me making them!

Whew, it was an EPIC day!! Are you going to Camp Doll Diaries? I hope I'll see you around!

As you can see we haven't been posting. We're probably not going to be able to post every day this summer, but we will try. Thanks!
{More Horrible news coming later this week}

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