Friday, May 3, 2013

DIY~ Make Bow Earrings

Is your doll in need of some earrings to spruce up her summer wardrobe? She will very happy if you make her these!

You will need:
2 small paper clips
a ruler
hot glue gun

1) Unbend a paperclip

2) Cut of the smaller side where it starts to curve. You may want to open the bended part open to fit around a doll's earring. Do the same to the other one. (To cut the paperclip, I find it easy to keep cutting it until it gets black, then twist it off)

3) Cut out a rectangle from the felt 1" long and 1/2" wide. 
4) Pinch in the middle and glue.
5) Cut a little strip a little less the a centimeter wide and an around 1" long. Glue around the middle of the bow.
6) Repeat until you have two.

7) Glue bow to the paperclip.

Take your doll's regular earring posts out. Put the bow earring right behind the thing on the earring, you know the main gem/metal piece(I don't know what's called...:P)? Slide the earring back into the earring hole.

Your doll has some new dangle earrings to enjoy!!


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