Friday, January 18, 2013

Some More Made-Up Clothes for The GOTY I Made

Yesterday, I made a made-up GOTY for 2014. Click here to go there. I love all her outfits I made- I wish American Girl could make them! 

Virginia's Stable Cleaning Outfit $34
Virginia cleans the stables at her father's rodeo wearing a comfy button-down shirt, skinny jeans, rubber slip-on boots, and a furry brown vest with toggle closures.

Virginia's Pajamas $24
When the sun goes down in Montana, Virginia wears a satin top a navy peace sign on it, soft navy pants, and furry bunny slippers.

Virginia's "Save the Rodeo" Outfit $30
For a long day saving the rodeo, Virginia wears a light blue shirt with "Save the Rodeo on it, denim shorts, canvas shoes, and a poster.

I'll have more outfits tomorrow! Which one do you like the best so far? 



  1. Do you think you could put the colors of the outfits tomarrow. I think they are very cool!! :)

    1. Sure! I hope to draw her clothes too!!


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