Friday, January 18, 2013

Dakota's Thoughts- On Saige, Girl of the Year, 2013

I'm starting something new with my dolls now- Dakota's Thoughts, Elizabeth's Fashion Advice, and Emily's World. I am letting Dakota type now, and beware, you never know what she will write;) Over to Dakota:

Hi! My name is Dakota Rose Mapes! Do you like my text color? It my favorite color because it reminds me of Valentine's Day, which I LOVE. Okay, so my thoughts about Saige. In my opinion, Mom should not get Saige, because I am the cutest one in the family, and Saige's face is almost as cute as mine(the horror)!! Just look at her!! She looks all innocent and stuff, but I doubt she is not. If my family thinks shes the cutest I will lose my crown! I can not let this happen!!

Ha, ha, I'm joking! I would LOVE to get Saige!! I also LOVE her outfits and accessories, and I think Elizabeth does too...the clothes-lover in the family! I also LOVE horses, and I bet she could teach me how to draw them!! I LOVE to doodle and stuff, but I just can't DRAW!!! I also like to splatter paint all over paper, but I don't think its very artistic... but then again, the only artistic thing I know is doodling besides "paint splattering". So, back to the point. I LOVE Saige!! I think mom should get her! Thank you for reading these boring-to-write paragraphs! I hope to have the honer to write here again soon!


PS- Sorry I use bold and capital letters for LOVE! I just LOVE the word LOVE!

So do you think I should get Saige? I hope you enjoyed Dakota's first post on Carrot and Claire!!  

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