Saturday, January 19, 2013

Some More Clothes for the GOTY I Made 2

Here are some more clothes for my made-up GOTY 2014, Virginia. 

Virginia's Party Dress $30
Virginia wears this dress for her birthday. Includes a sparkly purple dress w/ a white satin sash, silver ballet flats, a silver purse with rose details, and a purple and silver flower clip.

Anna Marie's Party Dress $30
For Virginia's birthday, Anna Marie wears a zebra print dress, a matching headband, black knee-high boots, and zebra print feather earrings.

Anna Marie's "Save the Rodeo" Outfit $30
For a long day trying to save the rodeo, Anna Marie wears a light pink shirt with "Save the Rodeo" on it, a black tiered skirt,  pink sandals, and a poster.  

That's all for now, I need to design more clothes!!

Amanda Wagner- I am going to draw and color Virginia's clothes, and I will post them soon.

Please follow me!! And I don't really know if I have followers or not so please let me know. The followers thing on my account thing says 0, but I know I have 1, so PLEASE let me know in your comments!



  1. You have me as a follower!! :) Oh and thanks :) I came up with a history doll named Sarah :) She cool! And I like Virginia! Very cool!!


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