Sunday, January 20, 2013

Emily's Gymnastic Class

Emily does gymnastics. And Dakota does volleyball, Elizabeth does cheer leading and ballet. Emily had her gymnastic practice class today and I took a picture of her on the beam. Which I can not post right now, but I will tomorrow.

        Now Emily will talk:

Hi! Today in gymnastics class, we warmed up by practicing walking on the balance beam. Then we took turns doing front and back flips on the beam. It was really hard!! Have you ever had to do something that was really hard? After a break we started learning our floor routines for our competition in May. I really like gymnastics. Are you a gymnast?

Its me, Claire- do you think Dakota should try guitar?



  1. Yes! If you want I can make a post on how to make a guitar

    1. i have a paper guitar from the American Girl Doll Star, but I think Dakota would like a solid one:) Maybe you could write a tutorial on your blog?


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