Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Drawings of Virginia's Clothes

I finally have been able to upload these pictures!! I only have drawn part of her clothes so far, but I hope to draw more soon. These are not my best drawings, and I got a little bored by the end:), but this gives you a brief picture of what they could look like.







                    My first attempt at plaid and vests;)   


                    (I can't draw canvas shoes)        


I hope you like my drawings, and please comment & follow me!! I also added a Google+ Follower thing and I don't know why the followers list is private on it it, can someone please help us? And how do you get Google Friend Connect on your blog???                     


  1. I really liked your ideas for Virginia as a character. She is a lot like Saige, but you put an interesting spin on her. I just wanted to know, would it be all right with you if I featured this on my website ( Additionally, may I also draw a Virginia collection (of course, giving you credit for the idea)?

    Thank you for your time, and great job with Virginia.

    1. Sure, I would be honored!! Feel free to draw your own Virginia collection!!

  2. I love the "save the rodeo outfit" I love the rodeo I went to one a couple months ago!


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