Thursday, October 30, 2014

Craft- Halloween Banners

Banner are a simple to make decoration for any holiday, and if you still don't have any decorations for Halloween up yet, this is something great for you. I chose to do the word "BOO", but you can add "Happy Halloween", or "Spooky" or something like that. I also made this in AG size and mini doll size. Let's get started!

You will need:
*Thin cardboard for a template
*2 types of paper
*String, ribbon, or yarn
*Glue stick
*Hot glue gun/hot glue
*Tape, tacks, or putty to hang up

1) Make a template of how big you want the middle section with the letter on it to be. I made a human size one, an AG size one, and a mini doll one.

2) Cut them out.

3) Use the template to trace bigger triangles out of the background paper you tend to use for the bigger triangle.

4) Cut one out for each letter in your phrase.

5) Use the template to trace the same number as the other triangles you just cut out, but the same size as the template. You are using your other paper.

6) Cut them out and glue all the triangles together like so with the glue stick.

7) Write the letters on each flag.

8) Cut out a piece of string a little bit longer than all the flags right next to each other.

9) Glue them on the string with hot glue.

And you are done! (Excuse the hot glue cobwebs)

So tiny and cute!

Here is the size difference between the mini doll size one and the AG size one.

I would show you where Petunia hung her's up, but the pictures are terrible with the lighting in there. Tomorrow maybe.

My other dolls put it above their kitchen sink.

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Oh, this is so cute!! I love it! ^-^

  2. Cute! I love how you made a doll-sized one and a human-sized one!

    ~ Mint

  3. Those are so cute and crafty! I love how you can see writing on the edges!

  4. This banner is super cute! We nominated you for an award on our blog, congrats!!

  5. cute idea for a banner :) Banners are so awesome.... I don't even know why, they're just that cool :P

  6. Hey, you got nominated for the Famous People award on my blog :)

  7. These are sooo cute and effective yet so simple to make will probably try to make something similar for Christmas. Thankyou for the tutorial!
    I recently started following your blog, would you mind checking mine out if you have the chance?

    1. Thank you! I hope you make one! Sure, I will check out your blog now. :)


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