Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Getting Ready for Christmas #6- Holiday Brownies

These are another sweet treat for your dolls, and they look so cute next to the cake pops!


You Will Need:

green foam
Elmer's Glue
black sponge/thick foam
sparkly fabric or paper

First, cut a square out of the foam/sponge that is 3 cm down, and 2 1/2 cm across.

then, tcace it on the green foam, cut out, and glue. Next, cut little pieces of the paper/fabric and glue them on to look like
candy, or sprinkles.

And You're Done!

The brownies and the cake pops. (I only made two so far)

Your dolls will love this just ask Elizabeth!

!Now its Time for Party Time:)!~


  1. Yummm...looks tasty:)

    1. I know, maybe you could make a real brownie like that:)


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