Friday, December 21, 2012

Getting Ready for Christmas #15- Winter Hats

This craft is going to Caitlin R.- I didn't know what Christmas hats were, so sorry if this is wrong.

                                   To Make a Cozy Hat:

                                           old shirt
                                   colored rubber band

Cut one sleeve off of the shirt-make sure you ask before you cut up old shirts-
Put it over your doll's head. Cut some of the top off. Gather the rest, and tie with the rubber band.

                Now your doll's head can stay warm!

Bonus!! Check out The Spicys Doll Blog  Perfect Panda Hat!!
Plus myfroggystuff has a tutorial on Oven Mitts/Mittens to warm your doll's hands and Santa Hats!
Dolldiaries also has doll Earmuffs!!

             Have a Cozy Holiday!!;)

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