Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My Doll Christmas Gifts! | Video

First off, I am so so sorry I am so far behind on this! I am literally like the last person on Earth to do a Christmas haul video. Like I said on my other blog, I've been so caught up in life, I haven't found the time to slow down! I thought that after the holiday season I would be all back to normal...apparently not. 

Anyways, today I finally have my doll Christmas gifts video for you guy! I've learned that I am NOT good at video editing, and even though this took ages, I still don't like it much, so please bear with me. I'm still learning. The music is a tad too loud and you can't hear what I'm saying in some parts, but I still hope it's alright.

Hope you enjoy!

So it was satisfactory. :)
Have a lovely week!


PS. oh yeah, and happy new year! almost forgot that it was 2016 already. i haven't even made resolutions yet! i need to get my game on, big time. ahaha, oh well.


  1. Hey! I nominated you for the liebster award on my doll blog; dollytoncity.blogspot.com!

  2. Wow! You had a good year! Your video is really good! :)


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