Thursday, June 11, 2015

New York Part Two

Next we went to the American Girl Place!

Sorry this pic is blurry, but they even had a revolving doll stand thing! xD

The new flamingo dress.

Another new outfit with one of the new dolls modeling.

A closer look at her.

Some more new outfits/accessories. The dolls on the sides are new. 

The new sail board thing.

I was there the Sunday after Truly Me came out, so they redid the store fast!

Such cute treats in Grace's sets!

I really want this doll!

Some Truly Me dolls.

One of the new dolls, #64

The jazz outfit.

Another new doll.

The hammock.

Grace's bakery is really cute! I wonder what they will do with it when she retires though.

I got some really good pink lemonade and a delicious brownie. Good job, Grace! xD

The display of all of the GOTYs.

The Grace cutout is reeealy small!

The Bitty Baby section is so cute!

Another look at the doll I want. I think she's #61.

The store is very large inside. There are four floors I believe, and one is just for bathrooms!

The display when you come in/leave.

Then we went to FAO Schwarz. They had some really cute miniatures!

The steampunk Wizard of Oz dolls by Madame Alexander.

More Madame Alexander dolls.

Corolle dolls.

Frozen dolls.

I believe this is a Tonner doll (with Spider Man in the background xD)

More Tonner dolls.

Patience by Tonner.

The super cute Rilakkuma section.

In Times Square.

And back at the train station.

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing a part of my trip! I would have gotten this up earlier, but school got out on Friday and I've been really busy with parties and dance recitals and such.
I will have more fun posts soon!


  1. Oh yeah, I want that doll too! It looks like they have a lot of new cute things!

  2. looks like fun! #61 is gorgeous, huh? i hope you're able to get her sometime! loved the photos you took, they were all gorgeous. :)


  3. wow! That must have been fun!!!

  4. love it!!! Times Square looks awesome!

    1. It was a little crazy...okay a little is an understatement, it was super crazy! xD

  5. Thank you for the up close looks on the new dolls! The brownie looks so good...

  6. Loved the photos! NYC is my favorite has such great energy. All of the Truly Me dolls are so pretty...I could seriously own so many of them!

  7. WOW!! The american girl store looks so awesome!! Yeah, i wonder what they'll do with Grace's bakery when she retires... Also those tonner dolls looks so cool! I so want to try get one in the future ^.^ Sounds like you had a blast!!!


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