Monday, April 13, 2015

Craft- Make Doll Cereal!

Hey! Real quick, I want to mention that I finally updated the "The Dolls" page and included a lot of information about all of them! Check it out here!


Hi everyone! Since our state testing started this week, we need a good breakfast, so I decided to make some healthy cereal! You can make it colorful and sugary, but I made mine bland and boring. xD This also helps to reuse some of your old Easter eggs that might have broken!
Let's get started!

You will need:
*The rounder part of an Easter Egg
*Something to fill the bottom of your egg (doesn't matter what color, you could use a cotton ball, pom pom, or a tissue like I did)
*White foam
*Foam, the color of your choice, for the cereal
*White puffy paint (you could use brown for chocolate milk if you so desire)
*Hole punch
*A button for the bottom if your egg needs help balancing 
*Hot glue gun/hot glue

1) Fill the bottom of your egg with the object of your choice.

2) Trace the rim of the cup onto the white foam and cut it out.

3) Glue it inside.

It should now look something like this! Don't worry if there are cracks, you can fill those in with the puffy paint later.

4) Now punch out lots of little circles out of the foam color of your choice. I punched out too many!

5) Squeeze your puffy paint on top and swirl it around. It helps if you have a toothpick to help you.

6) Now stick your circles into the "milk". Place them randomly so they look more realistic! It's also okay if some of the circles are broken, as that would look natural.
7) Glue a button on the bottom if your egg won't balance well.
Let dry, and you're done!

When is/was your state testing?
Don't cry, craft!

Plus some pretty flowers. :)


  1. I did this for my girls years ago using old plastic caps, white model magic for milk and seed beeds (to mimic Fruit Loops). Yours looks great!

  2. That is so cute! My state testing is next week or the week after.

  3. Looks like Reese's puffs to me...not bland and boring at all. Very nicely done. Good luck with testing.


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