Monday, March 30, 2015

Tutorial- Bunny Tail Bun

Hey guys! Sorry I've been a bad Blogger the past couple weeks, but I promise I'm going to have more Easter posts up soon! Today I'm going to show you this super cute bunny tail hairstyle for Easter!

First we need to make the bunny tail part, and I'm just using a cotton ball and a bobby pin.

All I did was but some hot glue on the end of the bobby pin and stuck it in the middle of the cotton ball.

And you're done with the tail!

Then make a bun in your doll's hair.

Next, push the bobby pin straight into the middle of the bun.

And you're done!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!
If use it, please feel free to email me a picture at!


  1. AWWWW!! This hairstyle is so cute! <3

  2. xD I randomly saw this post when I was scrolling through (like the fast speed scrolling) through my G+ and I saw this post and I had no idea what the title meant. Now that I actually read the title....that's a pretty amazing idea =)


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