Saturday, February 28, 2015

Craft- Doll Cake-in-a-Cup

Hey guys! You might have seen cake or brownies in a cup, so I decided to make a doll sized one!

You will need: 
*Any color foam you want for the cake
*Puffy paint
*Pom-pom or cotton ball for the inside (any color, you won't see it)
*Anything to decorate with
*A doll mug
*Foil for texture (optional)

1) Use the mug to leave an imprint onto your foam.

2) Cut it out.

3) If you want, use the ball of foil to texture the foam.

4) Decorate with puffy paint and anything else you like.
Let dry.

5) Fill the the mug with pom-poms or cotton balls and pop the cake part on.
And you're done!

I made a red velvet one as well.

And a pink one.

Hope you enjoyed this quick little tutorial!


  1. That is sooo cute! I love the first one! I will definitely be making some of those! :)

  2. Oh that's clever!
    I probably would have spent hours wondering how to get the foam the right size.
    These are so cute!

  3. Mmmm...these looks so yummy. Make me want some cake right about now =)

  4. So very cute! Thank you for the tips.


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