Monday, January 5, 2015

Craft- Doll Snowman Pillow

Does your doll need a cute pillow to decorate her couch her bed for winter? Well here is a super cute one! This is easy and doesn't take many supplies, so anyone can make one.

You will need:
*Black, orange, and white felt
*A ruler
*Cotton balls or pillow fluff (not shown)
*Hot glue gun/glue (not shown)

1) Trace two 3x3 squares on the white felt with a pencil.

2) Cut them out.

3) Put them on top of each other and glue three of the sides, making a pocket.

4) Tear up cotton balls or use pillow fluff to fill the pillow. Remember to leave an edge on the open part to glue.

5) Glue the open side closed.

6) Cut out two black felt circles for the eyes. Don't make them perfect.

7) Cut out an orange felt carrot nose and five smaller black circles for the mouth.

8) Glue them on.
And you're done!

Dakota loves it. :)

It's great to use on lazy winter days!

Hope you enjoyed!


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